Ingela Vågsund is an awarded Swedish full time professional photographer who photographing design, commercial, families, events, weddings, business and five star hotels around the world.

She is driven by passion for photographic excellence and genuine love for people.
She is a member of the SFF (Professional Photographers of Sweden)

Fotograf, Stenungsund, Bröllop, Bröllopsfotograf, porträtt, Tjörn, Orust

Why You should hire me?

Fotograf, Stenungsund, Bröllop, Bröllopsfotograf, porträtt, Tjörn, Orust

I love people, photography and to capture magical moments. And I would love to get the opportunity to meet you and create photos togheter.

My greatest joy is seeing yours, to fulfill a companys need for proffessional images that make an impact and improving the company goals.


Or creating family pictures filled with love and happiness. Making memories that lasts for generations. Yes I do both family and company photographing and I just love the both.

I photograph on location and in my home studio in Stora Höga, Stenungsund, Sweden and around the world. To travel is to live.


Fotograf, Stenungsund, Bröllop, Bröllopsfotograf, porträtt, Tjörn, Orust


Photography has served as my primary creative outlet and my passion resonates through the images I capture.


I have always had a creative mind, I will never end up with ideas. Creativity has always been like a waterfall of ideas that pour down on me. And I love how I can use that in photography. Finding places to shoot, getting new ideas, and inspiration for photographing and the edit after.

Fotograf, Stenungsund, Bröllop, Bröllopsfotograf, porträtt, Tjörn, Orust


Trust comes from experience.

I soon have had my own company for 10 years working as a fulltime photographer. Before that I was employed working with design and product photographing.

I also been working with event and marketing. I have a Hospitality Management Degree with Marketing and Internet as a specialization. This has helped me working with companies and the marketing departments.

Fotograf, Stenungsund, Bröllop, Bröllopsfotograf, porträtt, Tjörn, Orust

Individualized Attention

You are important to me.
It is my job to make you relaxed and have a great time during the session. I always take responsiblility for that the images should come out great.

I take pride in directly corresponding with my clients throughout the entire process. I will personally work with you as we customize your session. I will be your photographer, I will hand edit your images myself, and I will personally answer all your questions. Over the years, I have built wonderful and lasting relationships with my clients because I treat every session with the intense care and dedication.


Everyone is photogenic

Yes that is what I think,
I think all my clients are photogenic.
Most people dont like standing in front of the camera. I totally understand it. It is my responsibility to create the atmosphere, mood and captivate it. My goal is to make you feel relaxed and that it should be a fun session.



Working out

Being a photographer requires a lot of strenght. It is hard to carry around all equipment and to run for a whole day. I will never be a fitness guru and I love chocolate.
But I work hard to keep up health and my energy levels.
And the payoff is that I have never cancelled a shoot on my 10 years.

That is why I work out at the gym and eat my blueberries ;)

Fotograf, Stenungsund, Bröllop, Bröllopsfotograf, porträtt, Tjörn, Orust


I use only professional photography equipment for my sessions. This includes includes working with two great cameras and portrait lenses. I utilize the latest photo editing and processing software. I mostly work with natural light, I just love it, but I also have studio flash if that should be necessary.

Fotograf, Stenungsund, Bröllop, Bröllopsfotograf, porträtt, Tjörn, Orust


We’ve all heard that you get what you pay for, and this is exceptionally true with custom photography. You need a photographer that is committed, experienced, dedicated to you, and passionate about delivering the photos you that you need.


Company images describes the soul of a company. Never has it been more important to have great images both on social media and printed material.
For families those images will spread love for generations, the value increase every year. The expensive sofa and car will perhaps be forgotten when we grow old. But there is a big chance those images are the most valueble items we own.

email me | ingela@vagsund.se

telephone (+46) 0732 - 458 459

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